Contacting online dating

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So here are my top tips for seeming empowered, and not needy, by contacting him first. Then just remember that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If a guy can’t see how amazing you are, then he’s clearly not the right man for you. Fire him off a message, and let me know the good results!

Feeling regret at what could have been is a lot of a heavier burden, than trying and failing.

Thank God it’s not the 50s, where all of us women had to stand around the edges of a dance hall waiting to be asked to do the West Coast Swing and accept a marriage proposal under the threat of “being left on the shelf.” Now we get to take control: We can browse dating websites for potential suitors and decide who, where, and when we date. But for some reason, there is still a stigma attached to women initiating contact on dating websites.

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You definitely won’t know unless you contact them and find out. I recommend saving the instant messaging until you’ve exchanged a few emails because it gives you more time to think about what you are going to say and to get a feel for the other person.

Once you get more familiar with each other, then you can start chatting.

Don’t give up too much information, but tell them enough to get them interested.

Well, you can put up your profile and wait for someone to contact you, but you’ll probably get much better results if you take the initiative.

When you first start communicating with a person, there is nothing wrong with flirtation, being happy, and laughing, but make sure it’s not over the top.

Also, don’t start by pouring out your soul, telling him or her all about your ex-spouse or ex-significant other.

Here are a couple of good, ice-breaking starter topics: If you live in the same area, comment on the area, or something relating to it.

If you don’t live in the same area, you can ask questions about where they are.

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