Conflict in dating and marital relationships

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Imagine watching us have boundary conversations about how bad our marriage boundaries were. Is there anything I can do to make this better for you?” She thought a minute and said, “Maybe if you let me know you love me before you confront me, that might help.” I thought that was a good idea, so I agreed. Townsend) were first married, we used to have conflicts about conflict. One of us would misunderstand, we would pull away from each other, and the problem wouldn’t get solved.Looking back, it’s kind of funny as I later went on to write a Christian relationship book called . One day, I asked Barbi, “When we argue, I never stop loving you.The next time I wanted to have a talk with her about a concern, I walked in the room and said something like, “Honey, I just want to let you know I really care about you and I hope you feel safe with me.” Then when I brought up the problem, things went better for her and for us.

He provided a permanent and safe connection for a man and a woman to experience love, joy, meaning, and purpose together.

But after reading the report, I couldn’t help feeling that husbands and wives would be well advised to make themselves as aware as possible of their usual manner of handling disagreements.

And I couldn’t imagine the marriage educator who, learning of the study, wouldn’t want to challenge couples to improve their communication skills and nurture the ability to disagree agreeably.

For instance, Ephesians says good marriages are a large part of how the body of Christ “grows and builds itself up in love.” Happiness can and does come to a good marriage.

Happiness, however, is a byproduct of growth and life. Confrontation brings empowerment, which is the ability to make choices and changes in your relationship.

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