Comcast data usage meter not updating

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and you should be able to see your bandwidth consumption.

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Comcast subscribers should also be able to rely on the fact that any cable company that involved with its usage measurement meter has a clear agenda to use it as part of a nationwide return to usage caps or usage-based billing.Assuming you can get to the Usage meter, clicking on "Details" will also display usage for the past three months as well as the current month to date* (could be delayed up to three hours).Past experience, however, indicates that when you change modems, the displayable usage meter forgets the old modem values.The railroad industry occasionally hired so-called “independent” third parties to certify the accuracy of railway scales to fend off government regulation and oversight after reports of widespread fraud reached the legislature. In 1920, 52.4% of railroad scales, including those “certified” accurate were found to be well out of tolerance.When the industry knew the state of California’s Office of State Superintendent of Weights and Measures would oversee testing a year later, every scale tested in 1921 was suddenly accurate within tolerance.

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