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They worked both sides of the aisle and asked asked Congress to enact smart food waste reduction policies and good food policies in the next farm bill.The group supports legislation to create a simplified, streamlined system that would use just two labels: one for quality and one for safety.Thank you, Tiffany to take time out of your busy schedule to make a difference.If each and every one of us changes a few of our habits, it will make a difference.He was in activist mode, a role he takes on frequently when it comes to food.“I’m passionate about trying to cut down on the amount of waste in our food system,” Mr.Colicchio said, describing how he even uses the carrot tops and makes breakfast from dinner leftovers. It starts with the fruits and vegetables that don’t even make it to the stores and markets because they’re bruised, misshapen or oddly sized, despite the fact that they’re still perfectly healthy and tasty to eat.

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And a second “Use By” label would be reserved for foods—like deli meats or smoked seafood—that are actually unsafe to eat after a certain date. I just poured a full gallon of milk past sell date down the drain.

Just 51% of those under age 30 said they were the one arguing to keep food longer while 64% of Americans ages 50-64 said they take that side in the debate. In an effort to get those changes made, Dallas chef Tiffany Derry joined Food Policy Action Education Fund and a dozen other top chefs from across America and traveled to Washington, D. On July 25, the group walked the halls of Congress on Capital Hill and met with lawmakers to discuss their concern.

The effort was part of Plate of the Union’s farm bill education campaign, a joint project with the Environmental Working Group.

Women are more likely than men to say they have had a disagreement, and women are more likely than men to throw food out.

However, majorities of men and women say they want to keep food for longer.

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