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That couple doesn’t have an accountability to the church; they are not under the I Corinthians 5 discipline of the church.But as a civil ordinance, getting married, I would go.

Adam tried his best to meet my needs, but he couldn’t fulfill all of my expectations — there was no way he could understand the full scope of pressures exerted by a culture he wasn’t raised in. I had recently left the mission field, where my job was to convince people that Jesus loved them.He was unlike anyone I had dated before — those guys were typically youth pastors or fellow missionaries.Each time we felt these differences, the weight of disillusionment became heavier.Sure, we were both college-educated Americans, but the people in my community got married early — like, ring-by-senior-year-of-college early — and then proceeded to have three kids before Adam’s friends could finish their doctoral dissertations.

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