Christian dating website scams

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I spoke to a victim last week who was five years beyond the death of her husband and she said the scammer was so incredibly supportive, and that's what she fell in love with."She felt this nourishment.I think it is a very primal need, it is a very human thing."Ms Malet-Warden said there was suggestion scammers were being trained by psychologists to help them with scripting."I think anyone with the silver tongue, anyone who has the ability to be a smooth operator, it doesn't take that much," she said.Ms Malet-Warden said although there was a perception that scam victims were more vulnerable than the average person, everyone was seeking a sense of connection."I think there is a primal need, so I don't think we can box the victim into this idea that they are sad, lonely or naive," she said."We all want support.The report showed those relationship scams cost more than million over the four-year period, at an average loss of more than 7,000 per event.

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Recently, I was misled by a man who claimed to be someone he was not on a popular dating website.Sure, I know a handful of people who met online, got married and have healthy relationships.But more often than not, singles are being fed pretend profiles—or worse—getting scammed.Suli Malet-Warden, an identity security counsellor at national identity and cyber support service IDCARE, said smart people regularly fell for scams."We speak to them all the time — it's definitely not stupidity."Ms Malet-Warden said to prompt someone to fall in love with a scammer, the victim was first "seeded" with an idea.

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