Childless women dating fathers

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Only 14 percent of all childless women are voluntarily childless, i.e.'childfree.' About 5 percent are unable to have children. As the Time article reports, childless women are among America's wealthier and more college-educated women.People still call me a so-called 'career woman' as if I don't have to work, and by taking myself off the partner track, I don't even have a walk-in closet to show for it."Jake, a 42-year-old single man in magazine publishing, knows what people think of him. I've even considered having a child with a friend, but in the end, decided to wait for the right relationship and have kids with the woman I love."In my upcoming book, (Seal Press / Penguin Canada, early 2014), I look at the unrequited love story of our generation."They assume I'm a player because I haven't married yet," he explained over drinks. I want to be married and I really want to be a father. Aashna, Joanna and Jake are among composites of dozens of women and men I spoke with who want so much to be in love, married (or at the very least, in a committed relationship) before becoming parents.And once they are in the right relationship, they quickly move into motherhood, usurping the average mother's birthrate.While, of course, there are women and men who do choose never to be parents, indeed a very valid choice, this group does not fully explain the declining American birth rate. The women of Generation X expected we'd have the social, economic and political equality our mothers did not have, but naturally, the husband and children then did.

After all, with all the choices available to women -- the gender the piece correctly identifies as the one that carries the brunt of societal negative attitudes towards childless people -- it's assumed by many that we've made childlessness a choice.

But love, commitment and the right partnership come first. It's not an easy choice to make; we know the risk of waiting for love means we may become parents much later in life than expected, or, for some, never become parents at all.

In the meantime, we are childfull; we choose to fill our lives with the children we love like our nieces and nephews and friends' children.

If one asks women whether they intend to marry and have children the easiest answer that would result in avoiding negative judgment is "yes".

But these same women aren't all marrying and having children.

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