Chez starbuck dating

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He is raised by humans on land and thus doesn't realize his real heritage.But when he reaches puberty in his 13th year, instead of hair, he starts growing fins and scales on his arms and legs.Jess comes down to where Cody is, but sees he is gone.

See more » Chez Starbuck is very appealing as Cody who is the son of a mermaid.Sean sees the scales and surmises Cody cheated, following him into the locker room.Cody avoids him by sticking to the ceiling, but Sean is determined to find out how Cody cheated.Judging from the fact that the film is better than average as a TV-movie, I look forward to seeing the story continue. The Thirteenth Year is a 1999 comedy-drama Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) directed by Duwayne Dunham and starring Chez Starbuck and Courtnee Draper. Cody Griffin is an adopted teenager; his birth mother is a mermaid who left him on the Griffins' boat when he was a baby to avoid being captured. Wheatly, a fisherman who became obsessed with finding mermaids.

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