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I was able to load both those custom maps in the locations you listed in your pngs.Can you tell me more about your scenario - like how the maps are being loads, or anything else you might think could be relevant for me to know?Im not sure if its from them placing content on their own or not, but I've had at least 6 people report the problem.I can provide more pictures of different maps, on different platforms, if requested.In order to use this you MUST set the steam directory (and for custom game directory the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive directory).

We're having an (apparently) similar issue over in

Would be useful to have a better file browser so you can choose directories on the fly, mine are all split into many directories.

How do you get the current file/open demo dir to work to change the default demo dir ?

Once you've set the directory the list will populate with demos in your CS: GO folder. If you don't want one of these elements in the filename just remove it, each element MUST be seperated with a hypen (-)The seperator in the settings will be what character is used to seperate each element in the filename when it gets renamed!

If you have any suggestions as to anything you want added just post it here!

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