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(1979), the tale of an incursion into the feral, forbidden ‘Zone’.

Like the film’s protagonists, Hempton seeks wisdom in trespass: whether navigating the heavily sexualized, masculine virtual space of Chatrandom, breaking into ex-industrial sites to sketch, or painting in the ash-thick air at the rim of the Stromboli volcano.

The date of the sitting and the duration of connection with each model is measured in both the title and the surface of the ‘Chat Random’ paintings: short ‘sittings’ are greasily fluid ( suggests a broken or switched-off webcam.I think there's a desire beyond mere curiosity that would motivate one to go onto a Chatroulette-type site: the chance to form new and different connections, even if they are fleeting.But the service would need to provide a safe environment and one where people don't have to worry so much about rejection when the other party decides to move on to another person.The ratings can then be used to filter the type of people you want to chat with in the future.It's this sort of system and interface that Chatroulette version 2 needed to take the site to the next level and clean up its image.

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