Chatbot girls hoda copy dating

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As for my chatbot’s conversation with the girl, it didn’t end there.The next bit shows how a chatbot can be used good but easily for bad as well. Perhaps more accurately, she needed the reassuring words of a friend that she is beautiful.She only shared photos which are also available on her Facebook profile, but who knows how much more she would have shared if the chatbot was malicious.In the hands of a criminal, chatbots are a tool to easily reach plenty of unsuspecting teens with almost no effort once the chatbot is deployed. You’re seeing it firsthand: Anyone can create a chatbot, and even a crappy one like mine is good enough for them to open up to a complete stranger.

I used the Disney character’s image for my page’s profile picture: Due to the movie’s international popularity amongst youngsters, my page organically gained followers to chat with.

You may come across many AI apps on Play Store with advanced chatbots that you can converse with.

Chatting with them feels (almost) as real and stimulating as it does with an actual person, behind a screen.

I thought I’d share parts of it (keeping her identity anonymous), so that you can see for yourself.

And yes, the chatbot’s incessant flirting is stressing me at this point — It’s a 13-year-old girl!

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