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Tethered players will need to move far enough to only have 1 stack of the fire debuff while doing their best to avoid other players, and players around them will need to move out of the way to avoid being frozen.The boss will become invulnerable, summon three Gigas adds, and begin charging his Mana Gauge.There they will stop and, after a moment, will charge in the direction that the arrow was pointing.Players should identify where the adds are coming from and where the arrows will cause them to go and stand in the safe spot where they will not pass through.Four large circles will spawn in a line with a circle floating above it, holding other smaller circles that add up to the numbers 1-4 in order.Standing in one of these will add that amount to your max HP, and stepping out subtracts it.These move in set patterns, for all they seem to follow players.

Accelerate Ao E circles will appear as well, although the stack mechanic is absent, and these will not go off until after the boss' charge. Before it goes off, the Accelerate Ao Es will explode. After he finishes charging, he will begin shooting a ~45° conal Ao E around the arena rapidly.

Tethered players will receive a stacking fire debuff depending on how close they are to the spikes.

Untethered players hit by the tether will be frozen for ~7 seconds.

It's possible to escape the Ao E, but you are more likely to die.

Three or more Ewers will spawn in the air facing downwards with a torrent of water pouring onto the ground.

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