Charge intimidating shout macro

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Feel free to comment or ask questions about anything regarding this blog!James Gordon First some basic tips for your pvp macros and spells: Always remember to use keybindings, you don't want yourself using the mouse too much, when you have keys in good reach of your fingers at all times. Like above, the old JSHB used to do that so I assume it still does. I can understand announcing your interrupt, but using a stun to interrupt is often just going to waste the stun DR and likely make other people waste their interrupts or stuns, and it won't lock the cast out in the process - which means, if it was previously stunned, the target will just cast extremely quickly after you stun it.If you have WA / TMW / some such addon I would look at target debuff or some way for the stun spell id and then report that in chat. As was mentioned in some earlier threads this generates the chat message irrespective whether Intimidation stunned the mob or not.Recommended Keybindings for a Fury Warrior Confused how to make all these keybindings?

They are very easy accesable, and are easy to remember.-Spells like battle shout can be bound to less accesable keys.Replace this macro with the normal mortal strike / bloodthirst button, so you always have the correct weapons equipped when casting the attack.This macro also shows Mortal strike's / Bloodthirst's tooltip.Not sure about a macro but JSHB (Now called Class Mods) has interrupt announce baked in. I understand that stun isnt an interrupt i was just asking if there is any way to make a macro that if you stun it announces what spell you have interrupted on the target as you stunned it. I have not tested this so you may need to refine it some but this should intimidate the target and then say /cast intimidation /script Send Chat Message(Unit Name(t)" has been stunned","SAY") This is a starting point.I am not 100% sure if it works on interrupts that are a result of a stun or knockback, though. I have not tested this so you may need to refine it some but this should intimidate the target and then say Starting crude one yes.

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