Celebrate anniversaries dating

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Even if our intentions had been vague at that point merely drunken hooking up?

It's a few days before valentine's, so we generally end up combining them.

If you want to choose a gift that's inspired by a specific moment spent together, consider these suggestions as loose guidelines to point you in the right direction.

Dogeared Pearls Of Love If you're a bit shy about offering her fancy jewelry or about being too over the top in showing your, um, feelings, this is a great little number that meets you half way.

Ultimately, you should just find something that is distinctive enough that you both feel fondly about it.

But then when it came time to get married, he was way too worried with the date imo.He didn't want to have to remember two different dates, even though I told him I don't even care to remember the day we got married and would rather just keep using our same anniversary date.We dated for six years and that's the one pounded into our heads, after all.You can show her you remember all the fun times you've spent together during the past year by packaging the occasion into a box of collected momentos ticket stubs, found objects, letters.Or, if you want to go big, consider planning a night or a weekend out of town.

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