Catholicism in dating

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A strong foundation is worth so much more than the attractively displayed house of cards.

Note: read fellow blogger Catherine Bauer’s reply to this post.

If you’re a single Roman Catholic looking for like-minded Catholic men or women online, e Harmony is the perfect place to start.

Being with someone who shares your religion in no way ensures that.

And that should not be viewed as a bad thing, or even a lesser thing. As Catholics we are meant to live in the world, to meet it head on.

We are not meant to hide and live in compounds and make the world think we are weird. We are to live in the world as it is, and through the light which is meant to shine through us, draw people to Christ.

These are not men to spend any sort of quality time with, let alone marry. I know many other men who are truly kind, who have a strong sense of honor and integrity, who are gentle and respectful. Being Catholic does not necessarily have—although it most certainly should—any bearing on one’s goodness, one’s ability to form a solid relationship, one’s attitude towards everyone else.

Truthfully, I would rather marry a kind, respectful atheist, than some of the “good Catholic” men I know.

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