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Flexible connections- 2" (51 mm) FNPT or 2" (51 mm) unions (included).

Reply I have Jacuzzi Magnum Force pump 1UMF-Spump with 7-184948-22 1HP motor. You can use this Magnum Force Pump 1 1/2 HP Pump if they confirmed it will be sufficient. The motor is a Century Centurion and the pump is a Jacuzzi - Magnum Force.but I think that is a 3hp unit vs the old 1.5 Reply Hi, Neil.If you do not want to get a 3 HP pump because it's more pump that you need, then you have several different options. It seems like it would be easy as I do a lot around the house.I opened the lid and water rushed in from pool side. water began blowing out the band clamp between pump and motor with no pressure register to the filter tank gauge. I would consider the pump shot because it will be expensive to repair. To downsize the pump from 1.5 to 3/4 you'll need to replace the motor, impeller, diffuser, eye seal, and the pump seal and o-rings. I was told that a different type of pool pump like a 2phase Pentair is lower cost electricity and higher efficiency what do you think about updating it?You may have to replace the drive end which is the parts from the diffuser to the seal housing depending on what went bad. Replacing the complete pump model # 94027107 may be cheaper. in ground - my Jacuzzi Magnum Force pump lasted 15 years. Pentair Intelli Flo 3 HP Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump 4x160 VS-3050 011018 is what I was considering.

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