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The next question was – how can you work for two years, have Masters’, and still complete Ph D by 28. Let me now share with you another story about the same question – how old are you?I met this woman by enabling the We Chat nearby function.

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But in China, it seems to be rather common and widely practiced.The feature allows users to connect with the people (often strangers) located in a close proximity.Usually, We Chat would show you nearly ~40-50 people living within a ~20km distance.She was the one to send me greetings first -and as stated earlier, I got an accompanied friend request.I accepted it, and we started exchanging text messages. I didn’t want to discuss age, so I redirected the question to her- somehow unconsciously thinking that the topic would get changed as she might not be comfortable sharing her age. So, I further pressed her to share her age- she went on to call me a “teenager”.

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