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A secret life for the actor as there is no ring on his finger indicating he is not married as well and no records of him dating anyone he may be too far gone with his professional life to be dating perhaps.

Growing up in Atlanta, Hampton always dreamed of football stardom and a profession in medicine.

In Blind Date, Angel reluctantly agrees to help lawyer Lindsey Mc Donald save a group of three blind children from a blind woman assassin hired by the Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart.

However, Lindsey struggles with his decision to save the children and betray the firm when Holland Manners, Lindsey's supervisor, offers him the promotion of a lifetime.

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Angel fights and kills several vampires, then finds a man who has been killed by a blind woman.

Regarding his work, he is still working his way to the top, and his review would be up soon.

His recent plays have turned him gay on screen but because he, himself has not made given any comment about his personal life nor has he been seen dating another guy but he has not had any girlfriend either keeping his personal life a secret.

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