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Mornings are usually reserved for you to go to Collage but on weekends and holiday you choose what you want to do there, while the other two options (Evening and Night) are open for whatever you please.Some of the activities you can do are: Sports, Art Learning, Shopping, Work and Pleasure.The Sensual Adventures series of animations is ongoing, but at the time of writing there have been three episodes. Read More » Coffee Shop Interactive Story is an alternative version of the Coffee Shop image set available from Affect3D.I haven’t seen the image set, but I would imagine that it has been turned into this game; a good thing, as it offers alternative ways of viewing, depending on which you prefer.Extra offers you the ability to enjoy CGs, erotic scenes and music from …At the beginning of the true love game, you must name your character and choose what type of guy is he: Normal, Intellectual, Sports Guy, and Playboy.When you download the game you will get versions for the PC and the MAC. Read More » Sensual Adventures the Game, is a progression of the increasingly popular Sensual Adventures series of animations.

Hentai games are erotic Japanese adult games that have a very unique design style and content.

You make choices within the game which will effect the …

Read More » FAP CEO free hentai game is a hentai clicker game in actual fact; it is one of many free games from Nutaku.

Depending which one you choose will determine what kind of women you can get.

When you wake up in the morning you get three options you can choose from what to do in the day: Morning, Evening and Night.

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