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Born: 2-May-1966Birthplace: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Gender: Female Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Politician Nationality: Canada Executive summary: Canadian MP, Newmarket-Aurora Father: Frank Stronach (founder, Magna International, b. Walker (CEO of Magna, div., one son, one daughter)Son: Frank Daughter: Nikki Husband: Johann Olav Koss (speed skater, m. When Belinda Stronach stepped down from the top job at Magna International — the Aurora, Ont., auto-parts manufacturer founded by her Austrian immigrant father, Frank — she drew plenty of attention because of what she hoped to do next: Become the first leader of the new Conservative Party of Canada in order to run for prime minister. 20, 2004 — ten years ago this week — became the stuff of Canadian political legend.Some media seem to think this story is just the lure for capturing the People-reading riff-raff normally preoccupied with the Brad-and-Jen break-up.The Star’s follow-up story was headlined: Break with party breaks a heart?A united right-wing was in the works of becoming reality after a decade of fractured loyalties, although its leadership race may have lacked for charismatic character, with recently defeated Ontario health minister Tony Clement planning to challenge the guy who was already running the placeholder party, a career policy wonk named Stephen Harper.

having a tan and the build of someone who spends his time on the rugby field, not holed up reading G-8 communiqués," the rumours fizzled in late 2006.

If so, please send the clip: I have a pricey lunch riding on it.

As astounding as the tone of the news coverage has been, it’s got nothing on the adolescent woman-hating quotes coming from Harper and the boys -- and you’ll note it was all boys belittling Belinda.

When the three hopefuls finally met, Clement and Harper did their share of speaking in French, which tripped up their rival who promised to win first and learn later. Nonetheless, she scored more than one-third of the delegate points required to win the leadership compared to under 10 per cent for Clement — as Harper handily beat them both.

Still, this drama helped Belinda assert the stance that she was not a career politician but an experienced executive who knew how to be a leader. Stronach won the riding of Aurora—Newmarket in the June 2004 federal election that reduced the Liberals under Paul Martin to a minority, got into a relationship with Deputy Conservative Leader Peter Mac Kay a few months later, decided that Stephen Harper was too Stephen Harper-esque for her taste within a year and decided to be a Liberal just as an election would have been forced without her floor-crossing — after which Mac Kay was found acting jilted at his father’s farm.

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