Being accommodating means

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” I would never, ever lie about your needs and how they fit into the worlds’ needs. I have, for the past two weeks, been trying to ask my husband to set up Skype so I could video chat with my pets, so they could see my face and know that I didn’t abandon them.I tried to wait until his days off to call and ask.This not only tells us about the relationship, it also gives us an insight into you.You certainly seem to have some issues with Ascertiveness, and it’s an incredibly common problem.But when I got him, he wanted to put it off until his next day off. His next day off came and went and he ignored my calls and did not return my calls.I called him at work, finally, to set up a time to make this happen.I get upset (without verbalizing) at the way I’m being treated, but I never know how to fix it.

You’ve actually given us a fairly interesting insight into your relationship and communication with your ex-partner.

I’ll answer questions to help you get clarification, so you can help me reshape this attribute of mine.

My goal is to be “less” accommodating; I still want to stay accommodating to a point, but I want more control in my everyday relationships.

Feeling I needed to finally stand up to him, I said “No. So then I asked him for a specific time that we could get this done, and he merely said “Can we do this another time?

I’ve been waiting a week and a half for you to be available to get this done.” In response, he merely said “Can we do this another time? ” I was frustrated by now, because I wasn’t going to be able to talk to my pets and he was being as incorrigible as ever. And so I started making preparations for my pets to be fostered elsewhere from his home.

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