Be unavailable dating

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Emotionally unavailable people see a relationship as a source of comfort — something to occupy their time until something better comes along.

They have to choose to mend this mentality in their own time.

My partner and I would feed each other’s desire to have a functioning relationship, and together we would ignore everything that led to our breakups.

With each new start, I would convince myself that this time was going to be different without acknowledging my fear to truly commit.

Here’s what I want you to know about dating an emotionally unavailable person: I always knew in the back of my mind that this relationship was not my forever.

We would talk about getting married and starting a family someday, and I would engage in the conversation but subconsciously I would never truly entertain the idea.

A woman can be emotionally unavailable for many reasons.

Very often it is because she is afraid to let anyone close to her.

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Companionship makes them feel safe, and they'll do whatever it takes to hold onto it — even be dishonest about how they're really feeling.

Every time we broke up and got back together, I would jump right back onto the “this is forever” train.

Inside I knew this wasn't true, but it felt good to say in the moment.

Once I finally walked away from the relationship, I thought I was going to suddenly be free to live life for myself again.

But even after I left my husband, my identity stayed with him.

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