Bbc dating show

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For over a decade now, we've replaced rom-coms with rom-competitions.

has been over for a few weeks at this stage, and it has left quite a hole in our lives.There's no Presented, guided and laughed at by internet star Yung Filly, young hopefuls from across the UK are first presented with four obscure photos from inside the bedrooms of anonymous potential dates.At this stage, Filly will show you a snapshot of everything from football boots and preserved debris from the Berlin Wall, to DJ decks and what I can only assume to be a confused-looking butt plug.Each suitor is then nicknamed for ease (Ms Kick About, Mr Historian, Mr DJ and Mrs Butt Plug, for example) and our eager contestant is tasked with ditching one of them before proceeding to the next stage: the bedroom invasion. They will pull out your dusty dildo, your new and (ew) used condom collection, and the stash of other women's underwear you've apparently decided to hold on to (seriously).Now, how would you feel about a stranger, a familiar face from the internet and a camera operator going through your bedroom drawers? If you like to store a little baggy of your own hair – pubic or otherwise – Filly will find it.

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