Basshunter and aylar dating

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His major label debut album, LOL would chart all over Europe and launch him into the forefront of dance music.

When Basshunter reached 50,000 friends on My Space, he celebrated by releasing “Beer in the Bar – My Space Edit” and chatting via webcam with fans causing several crashes in the network he was in.

Even though she started working as a porn actress, that was just the beginning and Basshunter girlfriend is not ashamed to state that she has been filming in porn movies, because this was the only way for her to become noticed.

Without her acting abilities Basshunter girlfriend has won a beauty pageant because her looks is perfect as most of people have seen already.

Se Menn og ekstra bilder, Vi Menn-piken i uke Kennyr Den norske bilparken blir eldre. Vi Menn-pikene Anna Anna Knihinicka fra Oslo er instruktør i muaythai ser etter ærlighet og hater drama.

So she made her life as a lot of women only dream about.Aylar Lie is a bundle of emotions, most of the time she is joking, laughing and happily playing around. She is very confident in her appearance loves to dress up and seduce with her looks.You can see her charisma shining trough her eyes and when she gets jealous or mad with her strong temper, it’s so cute that you just want to make it right immediately.He started to produce music under the stage name “Basshunter” in 1999 with the computer program Fruity Loops, and released his first albums, “The Old Shit” and “The Bassmachine”, through his own homepage in 19 respectively.His interest in music became greater as he progressed.

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