Back dating my bill on verizon wireless who is tracy nelson dating

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I just tried doing this, but the website is now telling me that by switching, each line will have its own unlimited plan and once we pick new plans, we can’t switch back to our current plan.

(The 8gb L) Does anyone know anything about this???

You can switch off of that plan to unlimited, but when you switch back you will lose the 4GB of bonus data for life.

It may be possible to get it back via an IPR, but there is no guarantee they would do it.

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Managing your prepaid account on the most reliable network has never been easier.*** This app is super easy to use and has everything you need!In-Store App Experiences In your settings, set app location services to “Always” prior to your visit and take advantage of customize in-store experiences.Optimize your visit by checking-in for appointments upon arrival, scanning accessories for self-checkout, and much more. Total control.***The My Verizon App is now also available to conveniently serve all prepaid self-service needs.My husband and I are on the 8 gb L shared plan (plus 4gb for life bonus) = 12gb.(With his 15% employee discount) We are getting really close to going over our data so when this has happened in the past, I just switched us to unlimited effective immediately (or to the beginning of the current cycle, I can’t remember) then switch us right back to the 8 gb and set it to start at the beginning of the next cycle.

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