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A sharp southward plunge of the polar jet stream in the East will spawn an area of low pressure off the Eastern seaboard by Thursday.

It is one of only two snowstorms to receive the top rating of 5, or 'Extreme', on the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale.

The setup for this snow event features a pattern seen frequently in past winters, but not so much this winter.East Coast with up to 4 feet of wind-driven snow from January 6 to January 8, 1996.(Photo by Frederic Lewis/Archive Photos/Getty Images) 5.2008 Blizzard in Tibet Journeying outside of the Unites States, Tibet got a surprise storm that lasted 36 hours and dropped upwards of five feet of snow causing buildings to collapse and at least seven deaths.1959 storm on Mount Shasta Number six is the storm on Mount Shasta in California in 1959 which unloaded 189 inches of snow on the locals and is considered the largest snowfall from a single storm in North America according to NOAA.

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