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Not to spoil the fun, but the binaudios are simply playing prerecorded sounds of the city–about 50 locations collected by Wilcox and supplemented with archival audio dating back to 1928, when King George V made a speech to commemorate the then-new Tyne Bridge.“I’ve always been interested in the subject of sound as something that conjures imagery in our minds and memories of places once visited,” Wilcox tells Co. “For a moment, when listening to sounds of distant places, our thoughts can be transported far away.”The absurd spectacle of the binaudios themselves enables this sensation.They imply the possibility of wonder and magic.“What was important in this project was that the physical object and the user’s interaction with it are the main focal point.They want […] Continue reading The most important feature of any digital piano is, quite simply, the keyboard.It’s the interface between the musician and the music.One of the best interviews I've ever done on the subject of romantic love relationships was with dating expert and author of It’s A Breakup Not A Breakdown, Lisa Steadman.Lisa invited me to be a guest expert on her "Rock N Relationships" teleseminar series which she makes available to her coaching clients.Rather than talk about my entire book, Men Are Like Fish, Lisa and I decided to cover the highlights from the book.

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Vous pouvez placer votre annonce, faire des recherches, envoyer et recevoir des messages, et tout cela gratuitement. If you’re interested in getting a pair of your own, you can contact him through his site. Chattup is a dating app with a difference, unlike other dating apps Chattup focuses on one thing, your voice!Designed by Dominic Wilcox and James Rutherford, there’s but a single pair of binaudios in existence today, installed at England’s Sage Gateshead music center. And as he pans the binoculars across the city, sounds fade in and out of his ears, in stereo.They look out over the river Tyne to spy on the sounds of Newcastle. He might hear a basketball game in the park, people haggling at a local market, or even the sound of a ship being built on the dock in the 1970s.

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