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It may get her to question her beliefs presuming you live in a society where she can do that. no shes using it to be happy and on an individual level there is nothing wrong with that. Don't use judgemental words as you did in you description above.

That statement also, in a round about way, shows your deep care and concern for her in regards to how other ppl treat dont be selfish, shes going through a tough time. go find a website that will let you cherry pick the Qur'an and find the shit that you like.

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She has been diagnosed with cancer so I have been mostly focused on doing my best to get her better and so conversations have been generally based around that.

For instance Zakat, giving a portion of your wealth to charity to help the poor.

Find the love in a religion known for hatred and fucking stand by her! I'm honestly surprised you haven't had a talk about your religious beliefs.

It shouldn't be a huge problem, couples share different views on politics, agreeing to disagree is what adults do.

However, if religious discussion comes up then what should I do to make it clear to my girlfriend that even if I regard Islam as a bigoted unpleasant creed, I love and respect her and her views (respecting someone's views does not mean you have to agree them but just that you respect their right to hold them).

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