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This MSDN article has an example of using both server side and client side validation: Custom Validator Example I used your markup and code-behind and it seems to work.Shannon Horn is the co-founder and chief software architect of Web Geniuses Corporation ( Hence, many times validation was not performed in a uniform manner, complex validation was difficult to implement, and Web servers were vulnerable to validation scripts being modified by malicious users.Request validation helps to prevent this kind of attack by throwing a "potentially dangerous value was detected" error and halting page processing if it detects input that may be malicious, such as markup or code in the request.Request validation is generally desirable and should be left enabled for defense in depth.

NET that examines HTTP requests and determines whether they contain potentially dangerous content.

NET Web API does not utilize the request validation feature to sanitize user input.

You will need to add this protection manually if any input will be used in HTML output.

From all the examples above we see how to validate the form data using Java Script.

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