Art dating tommy nelson responding to dating email

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] gonna work too well, let’s get married.” (Laughter) “We’re not bench-pressing 70 pounds; let’s stack 350 on the bar.

(Laughter) We can’t get along in four hours a day; let’s commit till we’re 90 and never leave the house.” (Laughter) Not wise.

And so, I see these relationships that were in courting and in marriage.

And I say, “Was he this kind of fellow when you dated him? ” (Laughter) It is the job of the Holy Ghost to transform, not yours.

This is based on an often-overlooked book of the Bible, .

John: Well, that’s right and Tommy will refer to this couple as he talks about the passage.

And I want you to know that if you would like to back out of this, you owe me nothing but honesty. You say, “And if I’m not the fellow, not only do you need to leave me, but I’ll pray and find the guy that you should marry.” (Laughter & Applause) That’ll work. And in the same way, fellows, if you’re taking this girl and she’s a wonderful friend, but it doesn’t want to go any deeper, and girls, you need to give him the freedom to say. I said to my wife, “I would hate to be a woman and always have some knucklehead like us, you know, kind of, you know, (Laughter) ‘Say, uh …” and what do you say to them? It’s like those kids at the mall and energy is coming off ’em like bug zappers, you know (Laughter), where they’re walking around with each other (Laughter) on the mall. Whenever a girl says, “Thanks, but no thanks” or whenever a girl shows any inclination, here’s a great verse for you: Proverbs, “Do you see honey? And I wanted to walk close with God just to be with her. She is an innocent dove up in the clefts of a rock in the steep pathway back there.

Jim Daly: Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church is our featured speaker today and next time, really because you responded so favorably to his program last week.But when you date the same person, you’re into courtship, be it in Dallas or in Victorian England; you’re into courtship. When you date a young lady and you court her, you treat her in a certain way, [so] that she’ll want to spend the rest of her life with you. And then, you’re going to see two things that this man does. And you have to be willing to live in courtship with the character, the standard of righteousness and also the personality.Now dating takes a little bit of time and a little bit of politeness. You treat a young man in your words, your responses, your actions, so that he’s convinced about you and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. If you’re going to court somebody, you’re saying that, “I’ve evaluated them in dating.” And if it’s a quiet person in dating, you can’t court and then marry and make them noisy.If you’re dating an unspiritual woman and you have great plans for God, it is not fair for you to marry that person, to court that person and not accept their standard of righteousness.It’s a cliché, but you make your bed and then you have to lie in it.

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