Are james lafferty and sophia bush dating

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One of them is James Lafferty who played the role of Nathan Scott, the half-brother of Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and rebellious son of Dan Scott who shined at Tree Hill high as a jockey, albeit a cocky one.

As the story progressed we saw Nathan become humbled after falling in love with the good girl and songbird Haley James (Bethany Joy Lenz) whom he later married.

The film which was ESPN’s debut TV film was adapted from a John Feinstein book of the same name.

It focused on the turbulent 1985–86 season of Indiana University’s men’s basketball team as coached by the controversial Bobby Knight.

Lafferty had originally auditioned to play Lucas Scott but the directors didn’t see much of what they wanted for Lucas in him.

James left his education and relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina where filming was done.

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Well, destiny had other plans up her sleeves for him.He has not been embroiled in any major controversy. was a favorite of millions and while it has long ended, the stars it gave us remain dear to our hearts.As a passionate kid, he was ready to give his 100% to make himself established as a successful actor in the United States of America.Therefore, a child having all the features of a future acting star was raised in an environment suitable for him to continue his career.

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