Are dominic monaghan and evangeline lilly still dating

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He currently hosts the nature programme Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan (2012–present). When he was about 11 years old, his family moved from Germany to Heaton Moor in Stockport, England.

Monaghan first gained fame for being Hetty Wainthropp's sidekick Geoffrey in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (1996–98).

Such is the case with Evangeline, who is now dating the production assistant of the show, Norman Kali, but before that she dated fellow costar, Dominic Monaghan.

As much as I dolove the show, I don’t actually know of the stars’ names, and I actually had to look up who Dominic Monaghan was.

“I come across a man who I’m really attracted to about once every five years.” Evangeline and Norman became friends working on the show and “in time that friendship blossomed into romance,” said the insider. “It’s been hard for him to accept that Evie has moved on,” said the insider. Apparently they had lots of break ups and make ups but could never forget about each other cause they loved each other sooo much and couldnt be apart, so after sooo much hassle they realised they are meant to be together and decided to get married….i am so trying to find more details and if there is a wedding then when is it?

When Dominic learned Evangeline and Norman hosted a party at her home in Hawaii, his ego was bruised. I just read a few of the comments above and I am now refering to Julie’s one. I really didnt know they broke up again, mind u they might get back together as always. It must hurt sooo much, I am getting married married myself soon with the love of my life and if all that went wrong then I think I would die.

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