Are andy samberg and joanna newsom still dating

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Neither the date of their daughter’s birth nor her name has been disclosed.

The 2019 Golden Globe Awards are quickly approaching, and I, for one, am ecstatic. 6, we'll get to witness a star-studded night filled with your favorite actors and actresses, but there's also one other part of the night I'm equally amped for, and that's who will be hosting the awards.

Her name is Joanna Newsom, and she's just as talented as her comedian husband.

While their lyrics and songs are basically at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, they both appreciate music in the utmost capacity — so much so that they only listen to music in their home in the highest quality way: absolutely nothing digital.

Yes, she's a well-renowned 1982 born American harpist, pianist, vocalist, lyricist and actress Joanna Newsom. This breathtaking beauty is already married to very famous American actor and comedian, Andy Samberg.

According to some interviews given by Joanna, she always makes us know that she is crazily in love with her husband and his sense of humor. And despite lots of laughter, there were tears, too.

Maybe, mutual admiration is the ultimate reason they started dating some long years ago and then finally got married at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, Calif. "Andy's speech was the perfect mix of comedy and sentiment," the source says.

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