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I have attempted to edit your code but I cannot test it.

I am sure that the coding could be improved but you don't add any notes to explain in the code.

How will you remember what it is doing when you come back to this code later?

You will have to test this and loet me know if any errors occur and the line they occur on.

Hi all, I have inherited a Access database that exports data to Excel. It shaved over 2 mins off a 10.30min report and I will be trying the same on some of the larger reports.

A new Excel Application instance is, by default, hidden. So, if setting its visible property to false hides it then there is some code somewhere that made it visible to begin with. I made it visible to keep the user entertained while the spreadsheet was formatting since it was only one sheet and it didn't take too long.

If macro3 does turn screenupdating off but then turns it back on at the end, you'll see the screen redraw then. Simply removing Screenupdating = True from all the macros should resolve that. If your question is answered then please remember to mark it solved Computers are like air conditioners.

When the main macro runs it show all the process from the biggining not in the end of macro. If the next called macro (macro3) doesn't turn screenupdating off again, you will see everything it does because screenupdating is still on because of macro2.

And why the 2nd macro (in other workbook) runs perfect with or without Screenupdating =true ? If you then call another macro (macro2) that turns it back on, you will see the screen refresh at that moment.

The attached has worked very well - Excel 2010 in Windows 10 The attached sub routine loops through a list of sheets and for each sheet calls in the arguement also shown.

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