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Perfect for afternoon boat rides which seem to be one of the couple's favorite things to do. That back and forth went back several times until Montoya picked up on Enrique's comedic way to avoid having to answer the question.

We also realized that Enrique and Anna are just like us after, the "Duele El Corazón" singer described how he spends his downtime. Eventually, they both laughed, and Enrique went off camera to say hello to someone, but the lingering question remained unanswered.

However, their marriage was not meant to be since the couple stayed married for only a short period of time which lasted less than one year.

Anna Kurnikova boyfriend and husband Sergei Fedorov is known as a player of NHL.

For that reason, they surround themselves with friends and family that are just as reserved. That's right another superstar, whose private life we even know less about than the Spanish-American singer. When I go back home, and I'm home, I want to make sure that whatever happens in my house is just for me and my loved ones that are with me right there, I need that."Enrique and Anna know what it takes to make it work because let's be honest, a 16-year relationship in the spotlight is indeed praiseworthy.

The two have toured for over seven years together, and they seem to make it work. We hang out every once in a while, too.," Enrique explained to Access Hollywood. This story was originally published on December 14, 2017, at AM PST.

However, these were only rumors because it was not either confirmed or denied by any parties.The rumors started when Pat Cash who is a coach of Mark Philippoussis wrote in his autobiographical book that Anna Kournikova used to call to Mark Philippoussis few times during a day so that he would tell her that she is beautiful.In 1999 Anna Kournikova was in a relationship with Pavel Bure.So he will either joke around with about question or he'll just flat out avoid the questions about his relationship with Anna. "Hopefully the day that I have kids I can lay back a bit and not travel as much and not be touring as constantly. I think I'd be a good father, my girlfriend would be an even better mother, but I'd be a good father," Enrique revealed.Like last year, after i Heart Radio Fiesta Latina, Telemundo's "Look, your girlfriend comes in before you and leaves before you, is that a strategy to outsmart your enemy? "No, she's much more discrete than I am," Enrique said laughing. I don't want to be on the road for six or eight months and then come back and not recognize my own child." Fast forward to last month, and the press asked the singer the same question about whether or not he had any plans on being a father. While babies might happen in the near future for this couple, it's clear that they value their privacy and that aspect will most likely be even more private. "For me, I do try to keep my personal life private because I need that balance.

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