American dating a nigerian

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Middleton said, recalling that night at the Couture. “I liked that she was wearing a ruffled and pleated outfit instead of the usual short and tight attire worn by many L. She was reserved yet attractive and interesting.”Ms.“Shortly after my friend convinced me to stay a little longer, Ike walked in, and we made eye contact.”When Mr. Middleton said she “liked his accent and thought he was cool, established and mature.

Although some people may refer to them as gold-diggers, this just has to do with their culture and how they want a man who can provide for a family.

“I was traveling a great deal with Khris for the N. A.,” she said, “and not thinking about romance.”She wasn’t hanging around clubs, either.

“I rarely sit around in clubs, and after an hour, I was ready to leave,” Ms. Ogike, 39, who was born in Nigeria and operates a State Farm insurance agency in North Hollywood.“I bought her a drink, and we talked for a while.

I felt she wasn’t into me.”So nothing happened for three weeks. Ogike eventually texted her, she responded by expressing her displeasure for not being contacted sooner. “When he kissed me good night by my car, I started to fall.”The couple began dating at least twice a week. Ogike flew to Nigeria for his sister’s wedding, they sent pictures and talked daily via Face Time. He was also still struggling with the death of his mother a few years earlier.“Ike was awful and nasty, wanting his mother because he was sick,” Ms.

He sent her flowers and cupcakes, and they talked constantly when not at the beach, movies or dinner, where they bonded over food.“I liked the way he treated me, opening my door and talking about serious issues,” Ms. “I found him to be mature with an in-depth ability to discuss the stock market, finance, family and our different cultures.”Mr. “His commitment to me while he was in his home country made me realize that I was in love with him,” said Ms. But when he returned to Los Angeles in January 2015, the mood changed. Middleton said, adding that while she sympathized with his feelings, she thought he should have dealt with his illness better.

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