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"There's a lot of movies and shows, plays and books about adolescence from a boy's point of view, coming-of-age stories where boys are allowed to talk about their sexuality and how fucking weird it is to be a teenager," he says, his Stockholm-by-way-of Silver-Lake accent registering more like the lilt of a boarding school-refined Good Ol' Boy."As a guy it's okay to talk about sex and say, 'I want to get laid,' but [the same scenario is painted as] prudish when it's from a female's perspective. And that's so sad if girls feel weird when they watch a movie about teenage girls who only want to get married, have two kids, and a beautiful house.

"That was the excitement," Skarsgård tells me in an empty screening room in the basement of New York's The Crosby Hotel.Alexander Skarsgård Found Those Naked Big Little Lies Scenes To Be “Quite Liberating” If you’ve watched HBO anytime in the last decade, you’ve invariably been charmed or terrified by Alexander Skarsgård.In fact, the Swedish actor has all but made a career on it, thanks to his breakout role as the irresistible vampire Eric Northman on and, most recently, starring as Perry Wright, Nicole Kidman’s abusive husband on this year’s breakaway hit miniseries In between, the Stockholm native has starred in a critically acclaimed indie film (2015’s s.In the morning, he’s off to Tokyo for a , Mr Skarsgård heads up an all-star cast, with Ms Margot Robbie as an anything-but-plain Jane, Mr Samuel L Jackson as Tarzan’s unlikely sidekick and Mr Christoph Waltz doing a wonderful turn as the villain of the piece.The story begins with Mr Skarsgård playing John Clayton, Third Viscount Greystoke, living a humdrum aristocratic life in England with his wife Jane.

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