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root_dir= dotproject/modules/projects/vw_files.php?

mos Config_absolute_path= pivot/modules/module_db.php?

MAIN_PATH= dotproject/modules/files/index_table.php?

systempath= *support/mailling/maillist/inc/initdb.php?

systempath= support/mailling/maillist/inc/initdb.php?


basepath= modules/My_e Gery/public/display Category.php? basepath= modules/4n Album/public/display Category.php? basepath= modules/coppermine/themes/default/theme.php? Wassup guys, in this post I’m giving you a huge list of Google dorks that you may use for hacking purpose. Sounds a silly question because even children can easily use Google search engine. But the thing is that how efficiently we can make use of Google. configdircgi-bin/ikonboard.cgicgi-bin/acart/ command=login&from Template= encore/forumcgi/display.cgi?

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