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Solo travelling doesn't have to mean travelling alone. Enjoy every single moment on our small group tours that balance socialising with time to yourself.

If you’re travelling solo you don’t need to be travelling alone.

Numbers vary from one trip to the next but you can always ask when you make your booking. It varies from trip to trip, but overall around 60% are women and 40% are men. Typically ages range for our solo travellers varies from 20s or 30s up to 60s or above.

We’ve found over the years that a good range of different ages usually adds to the group experience.

You will be sharing a room with someone of the same sex and will be able to discover destinations which you may feel unsure about travelling independently too.When you join a small-group holiday with Explore you’ll be sharing the experience with other adventure-lovers; some will be fellow solo travellers, others will be couples or friends who are travelling together.In a small group with an expert leader you’ll feel more relaxed.Your safety is taken care of and the day-to-day planning is being done for you. Our trips attract people from all over the world who love to explore, discover and share their passion for travel.The experiences you share, the fun you have and the friends you make along the way are the reasons why so many solo travellers travel with us again and again.

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