Adult phone chat just listen

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Still, sometimes after a long stretch when we haven’t spent much time together, I don’t know what to say when I call to say hi.I feel like my tongue, voicebox and mind have gone into a deep freeze.Boorn suggests collecting interesting news stories you run across or jokes you hear so you can quickly change the subject if you feel tension on the other end of the line. “I hear people in their 20s ask, ‘Do my parents ever do anything except worry about me? She advises we tell our grown kids about what been doing. Let’s say you’re upset that your grown kids don’t call you twice a week. “Talk about what you want, be ready to scale back your desires, and you will probably avoid a multitude of problems that can be adversely affecting your conversation comfort level,” says Boorn.

Getting defensive would only exacerbate the situation and I would lose a chance to learn something, my own sense of inner peace and self-confidence, or a valued relationship.

Texts and instant messages tend to be brief, but the upside of electronic communication lies in its frequency and immediacy. Many of us are still working full-time, and we have active social lives (as well as episodes of to watch).

As Boorn points out, “Young adults these days often don’t listen to their voicemail, but they do read their messages.” Lots of short messages can provide fodder for a longer conversation. Thus, it might seem unfair to argue we should bear scheduling-compromise burden.

), but I think I have good relationships with my adult children.

They live close enough that I see them every few weeks.

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