Adult adhd chat room

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The good thing it has kept me from eating when I am upset. I can get that satifaction that I did actually do something. I can't seem to go unless I use a suppoistory or laxiative. I had a pretty good weekend as far as nothaving as much. I tend to get very anal about stupid things....can't help it... I could have a horrible disease, an abusive relationship, or have no job and be living with my parents. My head is spinning right now, I will come back later. Those folks are cliquish, childish, and talking about everything on the planet but ADHD. If you have a time you can hang out there and want to try to schedule a regular chat, post it here or on the "Chat Anyone" post on the parents of children with ADHD board (or both). We sometimes chat about ADD and sometimes talk about other things. visit click the chatroom button - I've always found it best to announce chat times beforehand, otherwise you'll find it pretty lonely in there. I have netmeeting somewhere on my system but never started it up.

I think to some degree we all have a part of this, but I also believe that when it effects or has affected your life, there is a problem... Hi, I'm new and would like to talk to people about adult ADD. Mark - Mark Goode38494.1616319444i think it is a great idea Here are a few: also has one under health an wellness. My Telus ISP banned it after it was decimated during the attack a couple days ago by the warrior virus. I'm told you can put up to 2500 people on simultaneously!

In any case, when you register and add your friends it always says who's online at that time and you can chat with them. Since you guys have been so cool (although in my adhd way, i always self-doubt and wonder when you will all get sick of me) sometimes i wish we could chat 'live' occasionally.

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However, everytime I have gone there, there is never anyone on there. If you save that to your desk top it will automatically pop up to that when you click on it after that.

In the United States alone, "4.5 million children 5-17 years of age have ever been diagnosed with ADHD as of 2006," and the numbers are growing each day.

There are many treatments for the symptoms of ADHD and ADD, such as medications like Ritalin, however, these treatments do not support the parent caring for the child with this type of disorder, or even the spouse who is supporting their loved one with one of these disorders.

is here to offer parents, and those either living with ADHD or ADD, or those who love someone who has it, the support you deserve.

I would like to find one who could really help me with this. That is the one reason that I began going to the web chat room. Yes, I guess there's more of us out there than we realize. Well, I have an appoinment Tuesday at 6 with a counselor. I have my appointment tomorrow at 6 so hopefully I can get this solution on the road. No one there talks about add though and they are a tight knit group that does not seem to welcome strangers. Or PM me if you want to chat I have aol, yahoo IM and MSN instant message.dixiepeep- There is a chat room that i used last site is called 'a.d.h.d. It is kind of new but the people I talked to were very freindly. I get hives when I eat chocolate or drink alcohol, it even makes me sick. I want to speak to others who have gone through similar situations.

In reading I was told before selecting a Dr besure he can help with add. Like I said the best thing for this drug it has enabled me to stop the using Xanax has much as I used to. My fiance is going with me to share some of this observations. I've been on here for a few weeks and am now just admitting this..... And as far as self-esteem, was always on the down side, I was never good enough, smart enough, pretty enough... My wedding is in 3 months and I pray that I will have a handle on this. I haven't really had a problemwith depression or self esteem. There is also a message board there-I have been using both.(Why do I feel like a traiter right now? and I am very sensitive towards people and how they are feeling. My head gets kinda fuzzy and when more then one person talks to me at the same time I feel like I want to sit down and cry because my head can't take it. I am calmer and that is good, now I am not embarrassing my daughters. Le t us know if you find I work this thing grrrrrrrr this isn't like yahoo Looking for chat rooms for adhd anyone know any good ones I have also been looking for a similar site. There HAS to be some IRC channels out there with ADHD as the topic.... Lol I set up an ADHD chatroom a while ago on my website It doesn't get used much though - but feel free to try it.

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