Addicted to sex prodigy chat

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Instead of loss of trust I earned greater trust because of my honesty with her. So for your health and the health of your marriage, tell your wife!

I've got a similar addiction that I am trying to kick.

Spending money on my credit card at 1am, trawling from one girl to the next looking for a fix. I'm in a really healthy relationship - married to someone I love. Besides, when you go through the ups and downs of withdrawal, she's going to notice something is up, and ask you about it.

I don't see my problem as a symptom of something wrong in my relationship. I also want to deal with this problem without telling my wife. Lying in response only reinforces the shame and guilt, and makes you more likely to relapse.

Nofap and my commitment to avoid all kinds of triggers has been golden.I think nofap is helping massively now but before I would go on sites trawling girls trying to find someone who would chat with me.The excitement and the belief that someone found me attractive/interesting got me. I did so even before we got married and have been open with her about the times I have relapsed since. I too am married, as hard as it may be to face, telling your wife may be a good thing because even though it may be hard for her to hear, being the one to admit it and not letting her discover it on her own, like my wife did, will be seen as a step towards trying to recover something you feel is a problem and the closest person you have in your life like your wife will probably become your biggest support. If it's as you say and you both love each other she will forgive you and help you through your problem.The fact of the matter is, you don't like what you're doing, and you want to stop, but you can';dr: pull up this page and comments and hand it to your wife to read. It's great that you want to kick this habit, and I encourage you to do so. In the times of the old, mating with 6 different females in the span of 2 hours would have been a genetic gold mine.

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