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Some girls are even missing school because they cannot afford sanitary products.This clearly then goes way beyond playground embarrassment or bullying – it is a far wider political and health inequalities issue.Previous research has also shown that teacher attitudes and classroom resources may prolong the negative stereotypes associated with menstruation.

Which is probably why many women say they feel uncomfortable talking about their periods.

F: hmm, in Guichen M: I don’t f* know where that is F: Ha, then it is no use telling you, right? “The conversation is true, but I did not record it, I don’t who recorded this and posted it online.” “Big white bear” says at the time he was in 3 grade.

You clean yourself then come to me F: Go to hell M: Coming back Tuesday right? “After listening to this recording, I was very angry, I think we should bring this out the society and have a discussion on it.” Lao yang said, he does not want to see young people continue to behaving badly. Newspaper Reporter also got a hold of the boy in this recording, his screen name is “big white bear” admits, he indeed had this conversation with the girl, although this is the first time exposed on the internet, this conversation happened in the summer of 2007.

F: Ha, you are very classy M: Yes, Tuesday come back and meet up with me F: Oh, bye bye M: Dress sexy F; Hmm, go to hell M: Ah?! Since last year we never contacted each other.” Many discussion were posted by the netizens, they were mainly shocked about how post-90 generation’s views of sexual relationships.

M: Stupid, you talk about that in this day and age? F: My mom will find out M: Why do you have to let your mom find out? You can say you pop the cherry when you are riding a bike. M: You want to get with me, you already know I want to f* F: I am not in the hurry, I don’t want Tuesday M: When then? M: Yes F: No can’t M: Hello, where does Wu Yuxian go to school now? “Even though I said some obscene words, I have never had sex with her. I originally found this story on Net East, but soon this post was deleted from the site.

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