A rod dating wwe diva

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With one of the most robust physiques in female wrestling, Chyna was an imposing figure and first burst onto the WWE scene as Triple H’s sidekick.

She was part of the Degeneration X, which also consisted of wrestlers such as Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac.

She also opened up an animal care home called Downtown Dog, which acted as a grooming center.

This was soon followed by the Bow Wow Bus, which takes dogs on day trips.

Working as the manager of Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown was when Ivory saw her most successful period in the WWE, winning the Women’s Championship twice.

She was also part of the heel group Right to Censor, along with Val Venis and The Goodfather.

Between the years of 19, Elizabeth Ann Hulette was a mainstay in the WWE.Not only has she worked as a trainer for Torrie Wilson is one of those divas/wrestlers who has had iconic roles in both the WWE and its fiercest rival WCW.When a group of WCW wrestlers called “The Invasion” literally invaded the WWE, Torrie was a part of it and soon started ruffling feathers with Dawn Marie.She had an important role to play in the storyline between After her time in the WWE came to an end, Elizabeth made a swift transition to World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which she was a part of until the turn of the Millennium.She ended up in a relationship with wrestler Lex Luger, who she had also worked with in WCW.

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