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The film's title plays upon the myth of the Mayan calendar ending in 2012.

It actually ends in 3770 and doesn't predict any end of the world.

It's novelty entertainment at best and that's it.

You won't wince at how painfully awful this movie is, and you won't walk away knowing anything meaningful about 2012, but hopefully you'll help repay Sony pictures for the exorbitant amount of money that they and Roland Emmerich spent on their special effects budget.

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After Captain Michaels announces that they are heading to the Cape of Good Hope, he tells Dr. Harry tells his son that he, Tony (whose arm is in a sling) and some of the passengers and crew survived the mega-tsunami that struck the Genesis.

Captain Michaels states that they should have a visual on the ocean-liner shortly.

Some of the scenes are so ridiculously unbelievable that you want to laugh at the fodder that's being expected of you to believe.

Emmerich certainly pushes "suspension of disbelief" to its limit.

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