100 free dirty sex talk

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If you tell someone, “Flip over right now,” and they respond with, “No, I like this position,” that is Don’t shut down, or feel like you screwed up.

Dirty talk is just there to heighten the excitement and help you communicate what you want.

Feel free to describe the thing you actually want to do.

“I gotta go down on you right now.” Of course, this is not you saying what you're going to do regardless of your partner's consent; it’s like using your blinker—it’s an indicator of what you plan to do next.

Chances are, at one point or another, you’ll say something incredibly dumb, and that’s fine. Once your partner is actually close to you, you can follow up with something like “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” or “God, I want to fuck you so badly.” Anything that clearly expresses your desire is dirty talk.

I’m not surprised that you discussed hair in that way because from what I can tell, Flirtmoji seems really sex-positive and diverse. My friends and I are not accurately represented in emoji, and it’s frustrating.I promise you—promise—any partner you have will be thrilled that you talked to them about sex in a healthy, open way.Dirty talk is part of the fantasy of sex, and fantasy doesn’t always translate perfectly to reality.In this same vein, having sex with someone is one of the few times it’s totally acceptable to comment on their body (in a positive, loving way! Think, “Your tits are perfect, I want to ____ them,” or “You look so hot when you ____.” Dirty talk doesn’t need to be exclusively crass; it can be affectionate too.Don’t tell someone what to do until you know it’s cool.

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