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In 2013, Planet Fitness in La Puente opened its doors and Aracely quickly signed up to become a member.For Aracely, it was the first time ever signing up at a fitness facility, which brought her crippling fear and feelings of uncertainty but she quickly changed her tune when she experienced the welcoming atmosphere at Planet Fitness.As one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers in the United States, Planet Fitness is just getting warmed up.We’re continuously seeking top talent to join us in cultivating the Judgement Free Zone®and shaping the future of our brand.The support of the Planet Fitness community and his personal determination have been instrumental in his success, and ultimately his happiness with himself and his body image.Growing up, Jolene Sanchez struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and tipped the scales at 260 pounds at her peak.

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While his journey has been long and hard, his tenacity, diet and workout routine have led him to lose over 154 pounds to date.Their stories of how Planet Fitness has made a difference in their lives are what help give us a sense of purpose and pride in what we do every day.As a child, Aracely Florence, was bullied by her peers growing up regarding her weight and height.Our non-intimidating, welcoming environment fosters a sense of community among members and encourages them to work toward their health and fitness goals – no matter how big or how small.Our members are a constant reminder that anything is possible in the Judgement Free Zone®.

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